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Sponsorship and Company Foundation

Groupe PSA initiatives for sustainable and socially-responsible mobility

Since its creation in 2011, Groupe PSA Foundation has supported and financed social, educational and cultural projects for sustainable and socially-responsible mobility.

The PSA Foundation in figures since its creation in 2011:

  • + 470

    projects supported

  • +20


  • + 15


  • 9,5M€

    in funding until 2021

  • + 200

    sponsors (volunteer Groupe PSA employees)

Projects supported by the PSA Foundation

Since launch, the Foundation has sponsored several hundred projects & charities that contribute to the emergence of new solutions in mobility for all.

The Foundation supports three types of projects:

  • Integration: Developing social cohesion by providing mobility solutions to the most fragile.
  • Education & culture: Harnessing mobility for equal opportunities both in urban and rural areas.
  • Disability: Increasing the autonomy of people with disabilities and developing social integration.

The PSA Foundation projects in pictures