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  • 2018.11.13

    The joint venture “Punch Powertrain PSA e-transmissions” will produce the future generation of electrified e-DCT transmissions, from 2022 onwards. The production site of Metz will benefit from an annual production capacity of 600,000 e-DCT gearboxes. ➡

  • 2018.11.13

    La co-entreprise “Punch Powertrain PSA e-transmissions” produira la future génération de transmissions électrifiées e-DCT à partir de 2022.

    Le site de Metz bénéficiera d’une capacité de production annuelle de 600 000 boites de vitesses e-DCT. ➡

  • 2018.11.09

    Ce véhicule du Groupe PSA a reçu le prix “International Van Of The Year”. 🚙🏆
    Saurez-vous le reconnaître ?

A vehicle manufacturer setting its sights on the new uses of

Europe’s second largest vehicle manufacturer is continuing its transformation with a new strategic plan, Push to Pass. Its ambition: to market vehicles of cutting-edge efficiency as well as the mobility services acclaimed by its customers.