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Our Central Purpose

As a vehicle manufacturer, Groupe PSA will make its contribution to build this hopefully desirable future. Our Central Purpose is to ensure the freedom of movement by providing a safe, sustainable, affordable and enjoyable mobility.


The general public, businesses and corporations are witnessing the reconfiguration of great political, social, environmental and societal balances at an unprecedented rate.

We have to drive our future against status quo!

The  transition from an old world to a new world is always full of opportunities.


Seven mega trends will shape the future of mobility: climate change, divergence of the markets, connectivity and the autonomy of products, digitalization, changes in customer behaviour and the economy of sharing.

Groupe PSA is in the right frame to meet these challenges with a Darwinian spirit to make the difference with our competitors in a sustainable way. Our company is paving its way every day to a strengthen efficiency, enhance performance, making no compromise on responsibility in a transparent dialogue with its stakeholders.

Our world is changing faster and faster.

Our industry constantly faces new climatic, geopolitical, social and societal challenges.

Groupe PSA is not spared by these changes, which encourage creativity to push the boundaries ever further

In order to protect our company, we need to stay on the course laid down by the systematic deployment of our Push to Pass plan, and we also need to adapt to this unstable environment as fast as possible.


We must change our mindset, simplifying our operations and making our working methods more efficient

It already allowed us:

On the basis of the 2018 financial results, to rank our group in the two most successful companies of the automobile industry and to be amongst the leaders of car manufacturers having the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe, the most demanding region in the world, for more than 10 years.


The European Union has set a new course for 2021, aiming for 95g of CO2 per kilometre and another 37.5% emissions reduction by 2030 compared to 2021 (figures in the picture). Groupe PSA will be able to meet this challenge thanks to its electricity strategy and its ever more efficient technologies.

These values have also enabled us to become a European champion and accelerate our development in other regions of the world


These values also support our purpose: preserving freedom of travel by providing safe, sustainable, enjoyable and accessible mobility for as many people as possible.


We will face new challenges. To be able to meet them successfully, let’s transform them into opportunities to explore new territories.


Groupe PSA has 200 years of industrial history! We are writing the next 200.