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No-smoking November campaign

Did you know that 6 in 10 smokers want to quit? To give them a better chance of succeeding, the French National Public Health agency (Santé Publique France) has launched a new anti-smoking campaign called “No-smoking November”, or in French, Moi(s) sans tabac. Its goal? To encourage smokers to give up smoking for the month of November… and even longer, if they can manage it. The PSA Group is partnering the campaign in its first year. Hugues Leloix, Corporate Occupational Health Coordinator, tells us more.

Can you tell us what no-smoking november is all about?

The initiative has been devised to show smokers that it is possible to quit… granted, maybe not forever, but setting themselves the challenge of stopping for a month is real first step in that direction. This is what makes the approach effective. There needs to be a trigger. And a challenge that engages its participants and fosters a spirit of togetherness – not necessarily by talking about the harmful effects of smoking but rather by highlighting the thrill of stopping – is what will trigger their desire to try to quit.

In more practical terms, what will be going on at PSA during the month of november?

We have already started to raise employee awareness via internal communication initiatives. In particular, we are taking key messages from external anti-smoking campaigns and relaying them on the Group’s intranet. Every interaction between our corporate healthcare services and our employees is an opportunity to inform and remind people of the help that is already available to them. We will also be offering support to all those who want to get involved in the initiative. A wall display featuring photos of all the participants will highlight examples of their commitment.

«A challenge that engages its participants and fosters a spirit of togetherness is what will trigger their desire to try to quit. »

The culmination of the campaign at PSA will be 18 November, when the issue of smoking will be a talking point at all of the Group facilities. In France, we will be right in the middle of the No-smoking November campaign and our aim is therefore to try to encourage as many smokers as possible to quit the habit up to that date and – I hope – beyond. This message will also be conveyed internationally, with all of our healthcare services staff worldwide getting involved in the campaign.

And finally, how will you support the participants?

We will continue to send out information about the campaign until the end of the first week of November. We will then offer support to everyone who has signed up, in an bid to maintain their level of motivation. One of the strengths of the campaign is that its message is not “you are going to quit for the rest of your life”, but rather “give it a try and you will see that you can stop for 30 days”. So try, and try as a team, it’s easier and more enjoyable!

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