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New Momentum for Growth

On 8 July 2016, five unions, representing 80% of employees, signed the "New Momentum for Growth" performance agreement

 This Plan had three ambitions:

Supporting performance and flexibility to protect the company and its jobs
The Group has made France an engineering powerhouse, aiming for an expected production of a million vehicles1  in France, with a modern, flexible, and performant industrial footprint.
The objective is achieved in 2017, with 1,008,000 vehicles produced in France. The Group has also implemented a responsible hiring policy supporting the professional development of each employee:  1,000 internal professional reconversions in one year and  2,000 young employees welcomed in its sites.

Improving the employee experience, in particular, integrating a focus on well-being at work
The Group is committed to implementing a balanced salary policy, by redistributing the fruits of its growth: as the Group’s results grow, so will the rewards distributed.
The working methods are made more flexible with the Remote Work offer for 25 days per year, which completes the already existing e-working offer, with dynamic workspaces in Flex-offices, on tertiary and technical sites.

Groupe PSA is also part of the European Healthy Workplaces approach for safer and healthier workplaces.
The Group also makes its internal news available to all employees with the Live’in PSA application and deploys a corporate social network with Yammer. All employees are commited in the digital experience of the company through the digital passport.

Strengthen company leadership, bringing together employee representatives, unions and management to build the future of Groupe PSA.
The challenge of this agreement is to evolve from a culture of negotiation to a culture of co-construction, with all employees’ representatives, in a relationship based on proximity, trust and transparency, involving in particular an upstream dialog on the Group’s strategy.
The process becomes international with the signing in 2017 of a global agreement on corporate social responsibility with IndustriALL  trade union federations


The report, 1 year after:

  • Achievements of our annual commitments: the Group produced more than 1 million vehicles in France, created 2,000 jobs for young people, also offers more flexible working methods
  • International expansion of the co-construction approach with the IndustriALL agreement


“Our aim, with the co-construction approach, is to make the company and its employees win"

Xavier Chéreau, Head of Human Resources, Digital and Real Estate at Groupe PSA