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Traffic Jam Chauffeur: Autonomous driving in traffic jams

Following on from automated driving, PSA's Traffic Jam Chauffeur technology is a level-three driver assistance system that works in traffic jams and requires no supervision on the part of the driver.

Freeing drivers from traffic problems

A further innovation in the gradual process of vehicle autonomisation, the Traffic Jam Chauffeur technology developed by PSA enables drivers to delegate driving in traffic jams with no supervision required. The car drives entirely autonomously on expressways by automatically adapting its speed to that of the surrounding traffic and speed limit.

  • Advantages: The technology helps to reduce the number of accidents linked to human error. By delegating vehicle control, drivers take advantage of their time to do something else while remaining in a position to take back control. This new innovation brings drivers peace of mind and comfort and prevents the fatigue stemming from monotonous driving.
  • Conditions: the system functions on adapted roads (dual carriageways) and only in traffic jams at speeds of under 50-70 km/h.

A concentrate of technologies

Optimal safety conditions are required for the system to work without driver supervision. Following on from the Automated Driving system, Traffic Jam Chauffeur is based on several innovative technologies:

  • The new assistance system has twice as many technical components as Automated Driving.
  • An additional laser scanner further enhances obstacle detection.
  • The braking and steering systems have been reinforced.
  • The system asks the driver to take back control of the vehicle five to ten seconds before a manoeuvre is necessary if the car needs to leave the stretch of road or if the traffic speed increases.