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Hybrid Air: An innovative full-hybrid petrol solution for the car of the future

With Hybrid Air technology, Groupe PSA combines the environmental advantages of compressed air and the performance of a petrol engine without using electricity.

  • 2.9 l / 100 km

    Fuel consumption observed in certification testing for a standard body type (Peugeot 208 or Citroën C3) with no special adaptation

  • 3 modes

    for optimising fuel consumption according to driving style

  • 80 patents

    filed by the PSA Group

Petrol and compressed air hybrid: an original approach to developing clean vehicles

The innovative character of Hybrid Air lies in an all-new combination of technologies with proven performance, resulting in a new type of full-hybrid drive train: petrol and compressed air. The reduction in fuel consumption is such that Hybrid Air is considered as a key step in the development of a car consuming under 2 l / 100 km:

  • 45% reduction in urban driving
  • 35% reduction overall (city, motorway, road)

3 driving modes to optimise fuel consumption regardless of vehicle use

Autonomous and intelligent, the Hybrid Air engine adjusts automatically to the most suitable mode for the driving situation:

  • Air mode, adapted to 80% of urban journeys, is the preferred mode for speeds of up to 70 km/h. This mode stops the internal-combustion engine for a maximum reduction in fuel consumption and zero emissions.
  • In Petrol mode, the preferred setting for roads and motorways, engine speed is reduced for an average 5% cut in fuel consumption. It brings drivers a flowing, seamless drive.
  • Combined mode uses both petrol and compressed air energy sources for a dynamic drive. It activates automatically in response to acceleration in urban and extra-urban driving and to recharge the energy storage unit at low speeds.

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