CO2 Cruise Assist: reducing fuel consumption with the PSA Group’s intelligent driver assistance system

CO2 Cruise Assist is a driver assistance system that anticipates the best moment for decelerating so as to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Anticipation key to economical driving

CO2 Cruise Assist reduces the use of the brakes by informing drivers when to lift their foot off the accelerator pedal, the result being minimum fuel consumption and maximum driving comfort. Currently operating on an indicative basis, in the future the system will feature a function that automatically switches to coasting mode.

Vehicle-environment interaction, a key innovation focus

CO2 Cruise Assist is based on an effective combination of the built-in technologies of each PSA Group vehicle:

  • The vehicle’s remote sensors are used to anticipate traffic-related slowdowns in interaction with the cruise control system;
  • The mapping of the navigation system is used to detect a slope compatible with coasting mode or a change in the speed limit;

The information displayed in the cabin provide drivers with recommendations, ahead of the complete automation of the function.