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Gesture control: effective and intuitive man-machine interaction

PSA Group's gesture control system is part of the Group's global thinking on the development of autonomous vehicles, adding to the touch and voice controls already available on current on-board communication systems.

Man-machine interaction at the service of comfort and safety

The gesture control system developed by PSA Group heightens at-the-wheel pleasure by offering drivers an original way of interacting with their car. More effective and intuitive than conventional controls, the gesture-recognition system also serves to improve safety by calling for less attention from the driver and for a shorter period of time.

A combination of technologies for a safe and flexible interface

For PSA Group, gesture control should be combined with other systems – buttons, screens, touchscreens and voice recognition – to bring drivers maximum flexibility and adapt to all situations. The gesture control system devised by PSA Group nevertheless needs to rely on specific technologies currently being tested at the Group:

  • The time-of-flight camera, adapted to recognise the movements of the driver’s fingers, offering an extensive and precise base of usable signals;
  • Infra-red sensors, centred on directional movements and functioning as well in darkness as in bright light.