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Car Easy Apps: co-designing the connected car of the future

A result of the Group's open innovation approach, Car Easy Apps is a secure software platform intended for mobile app publishers. The idea is to design an ecosystem of apps able to interact with the vehicle in complete safety with a view to developing all-new services.

Connecting the car to its environment with mobile apps

Supplementing the connected services available on in-car systems, automotive apps are designed to take advantage of the information gathered by the vehicle and have them dialogue with external data. Potential applications include:

  • Guiding the driver to the nearest service station when their fuel level is running low;
  • Automatically activating the indicator in the final phase of guidance towards a parking space;
  • Unlocking a hired car in complete security even in the absence of the car hire company;
  • Automatically configuring user settings (air conditioning, seats, etc.)

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An open but secure ecosystem

To lend impetus to the automotive app offer, Car Easy Apps is a programming interface specially designed for independent developers, enabling them to design adapted apps with the requisite security levels for interacting with the car while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the user’s data. To step up the pilot phase, PSA is also providing them with a simulator for testing the compatibility of the apps with each of the cars and reproducing real on-road conditions.