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Automated Driving: the first steps towards autonomous vehicles

With PSA Group's Automated Driving, a level-two driver assistance system, motorists can delegate driving to their vehicle on motorways only. Consistent with prevailing regulation, the driver remains in control of the situation and can take back the wheel at any moment.

Making tomorrow’s cars safer cars

A further step forward in the technological advances required to produce an autonomous vehicle, the Automated Driving system manages the speed and steering of the car, adapting to speed limits. An attentive and safe co-driver, the system takes over from the driver if it detects any lapse in attention in moments of fatigue, thereby reducing the risk of an accident.

 How does it work?

  • Using interior and exterior sensors,the vehicle reads its environment and analyses the behaviour of the driver to make sure he or she remains attentive to the road and to take control if necessary.
  • Supported by an interactive and polysensory interface, the driver supervises at all times for maximum safety. The dashboard display of information from the exterior sensors helps drivers to make decisions, while a system of graduated alerts keeps them responsive in the event that their intervention is required.