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  • Groupe PSA
    Rueil Management Centre
    Route de Gisy

  • Post box

  • Phone number

    +33 (0)1 57 59 30 00

  • Andrea Bandinelli Head of Investor Relations & Financial Communication
  • Valérie Lachouque Investors Relation Manager
  • James Poutier Investor and Shareholder Relations
  • Françoise Pimet Moisant Investor Relations Assistant
  • Financial communication 2, Boulevard de l'Europe 78300 Poissy – FRANCE +33 7 61 80 14 39
  • Green number for shareholders +33 (0)800 424 091* *Free call from a landline
  • Corporate Communication - Newsroom 2, Boulevard de l'Europe 78300 Poissy – FRANCE
  • Pierre-Olivier Salmon Head of Corporate Information
  • Vanessa Ghuenassia Newsroom Officer
  • Camille Serre Mays Digital Communications Manager
  • Karine Douet Head of Communications - Economic, Industrial & Social Affairs
  • Cyrille DUCLOS ROPARZ Head of communications Innovation, Technology, New Mobility
  • Valérie Gillot Information Manager Economic, Industrial & Social Affairs
  • Claudia Raynaud Information Manager Innovation, Technology, New Mobility