Working in the PSA Group

Join a Global, Dynamic, Responsible and Innovative Carmaker.

Working in the PSA Group means working in a dynamic group and helping to write a new chapter of automotive history. It also means being part of a human adventure, where the development of each individual’s talents and skills is vital to meeting the company’s commitments.

Opening new frontiers

The automotive industry is at the dawn of a new era. Markets are shifting to new regions, expectations are evolving, usages are changing, and technologies are improving. After achieving its economic turnaround, the PSA Group is entering a new phase of development. Working in the PSA Group means contributing to the opening of new frontiers in geographic markets and services.

An international Group

Present in 107 countries, the Group is a leader in its sector.  Six strategic regions are key to the PSA Group’s industrial and commercial ambitions today: China, the Group’s No. 1 market; Europe, central to its growth momentum; the Middle East and Africa, the third mainstay of the PSA Group’s global activities, particularly with its return to Iran; India-Pacific, one of the most dynamic growth markets looking ahead to 2021; Eurasia, where the PSA Group is seeking greater local integration of its production, notably in Russia; and Latin America, where the Group is focusing on Brazil and Argentina.

An innovative Group

Today we are moving from the era of ownership to the era of experience, from cars to mobility. Fundamental changes in the industry are leading PSA to reinvent itself to remain a leader in efficiency while guaranteeing its customers full satisfaction. The aim is not only to keep pace with market developments, but also to anticipate the disruptive leaps forward. That is why the Group builds and strengthens its capacity for innovation by making its processes more competitive and promoting creativity, in particular through Open Innovation.

A responsible Group

A European leader in reducing CO2 emissions, with an average of 104.4 g/km, the PSA Group innovates each day to design and develop sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Alongside these efforts in its core business, the Group’s initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility include involvement in the regions, where it works to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing facilities, and its innovative human resources policy based on continual dialogue with employees and their representatives.

All the Group’s employees are called on to take part in this adventure combining innovation and the search for excellence and based on trust and a commitment by all.

Putting talents and skills to work

The PSA Group’s ability to successfully transform the company depends on its capacity to attract talented people and to develop and capitalise on the talents and skills of all its employees. PSA Group employees enjoy excellent opportunities to develop their skills and to put them to work building the Group. Responsible jobs and skills management enables them to participate in this process throughout their career with the Group.

  • Training and internal mobility

    Offering all employees training and internal mobility increases the skills available to the company. PSA University plays an important role in doing this. Designed to make the PSA Group a self-learning company, it is a key tool in the Group’s strategy and a means of transforming the corporate culture.

  • Capitalising on differences and talents

    Putting talents and skills to work also involves capitalising on differences. Diversity of profiles, backgrounds, and genders is an asset that contributes to social balance and the Group’s performance. The Group’s commitments to employees’ health, safety and well-being at work are fundamental to its responsibility as an employer. Encouraging employees to feel a sense responsibility for the Group’s performance is another way to mobilise their talents and skills.