Equality, mobility, health and safety: the cornerstones of Groupe PSA work environment

Groupe PSA provides all its employees with excellent opportunities for development and employability so as to unite the vital forces it needs to succeed. Its human resources management is designed to enable employees to work to the maximum of their abilities, to prepare them for new job requirements, and to offer an ethical, fair and agreeable work environment.

A learning company for greater competitiveness

Management of knowledge and know-how is essential today. This human capital is an important source of efficiency for the company. To tap this resource, PSA University seeks to make Groupe PSA a learning company by encouraging employees to continually improve their skills. Doing so benefits both the company, which becomes more competitive, and employees, who maintain their employability.

To develop this new learning culture in the Group, new ways of learning are being introduced. Courses in a classroom are no longer the only method. Online training, virtual classes, and community discussion groups are all alternatives that are well adapted to meeting today’s needs. With these flexible and diverse methods, employees become active participants in the learning process.

  • 76%

    of employees have undergone training in 2016

  • 60,380

    persons trained by PSA University in 2016

  • No. 1

    named best corporate university of a CAC 40 company in 2016

Dynamic skills management

The skills development and career planning programmes are organised in relation to how professions and specialisations are expected to change over the coming three to five years. Employees’ skills and development potential are assessed to allow career management on an individual basis with the aim of reducing differences. Employees each know the technical skills they need to do their job and the programmes consisting of 133 training paths that will enable them to acquire these qualifications.

The objective is both to provide for the personal development of employees and to see that the Group has an optimal level of skills and capabilities.

In 2016, 22 master-experts, 175 experts, and 614 specialists are thus ensuring that top-level know-how is being maintained in their fields.

An ethical, fair, and agreeable work environment

Groupe PSA is committed to upholding fundamental human rights and ethical work relations everywhere it has operations. Owing to its well-established relations with trade unions, which enable it to deal with the challenges brought by new developments in professions and employment, Groupe PSA signed an international framework agreement on social responsibility in 2010.

Groupe PSA regards its employees’ health and safety as one of its primary obligations, and its performance ranks it among the top three car manufacturers worldwide in this area. Improving well-being and quality of life in the workplace is another priority. The Group also places a high value on diversity in general and gender diversity in particular, and it rejects all forms of discrimination. It promises employees equal opportunity based on merit.

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