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Present in almost 160 countries with more than 10,000 points of contact, PEUGEOT is the world's only brand to market a complete mobility offering (cars, scooters, bikes) along with a wide range of services.

New PEUGEOT Plug-In Hybrid: So efficient, So Exciting!

PEUGEOT presents its new Plug-In Hybrid petrol engines.
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Present in more than 160 countries at 10,000 points of sale, the brand sold almost 1,500,000 vehicles around the world in 2019.

Building on its technological offensive strategy and the electrification of its range, the PEUGEOT brand enters the era of energy transition with enthusiasm.


210 years of history is a huge part of our DNA

PEUGEOT is a worldwide brandwhich draws its expertise, preciseness, culture of elegance and inventiveness towards humans from its strong French heritage.

At PEUGEOT, engineers and designers create together vehicles to the highest standarts and craft vehicles that provoke intense motions through a stimulating and fulfilling driving experience.

Our heritage
Our heritage
Our heritage


3 fundamental values: Excellence / Allure / Emotion, sustained by 3 pillars:

  • Uncompromising quality for Excellence,
  • A sharp design for Allure,
  • Instinctive driving experience for Emotion.


The future of the automotive industry is currently being written.

People are already imagining the vehicle of tomorrow, where technology will take charge of everything, even driving, and will leave no more place for pleasure…

We think that another path is possible.
That technology and pleasure are not incompatible.

That a car should retain the power to amaze ,to transform a route into a journey,
to turn heads, to offer everyone the mobility that they need…

That we never had stop placing people at the epicenter of our approach.




To be the best high-end generalist brand worldwide.


A wide range of passenger and commercial vehicles.

From family city cars to saloons and SUVs, the PEUGEOT range offers models with modern and elegant designs recognizable at first glance.

The engines equipping the models in the range offer remarkable performance in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Always at the cutting edge of technology, PEUGEOT has won over more than 6 million customers throughout the world with an innovative driver’s cab, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, available on models 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008, 508, Rifter and Partner.


PEUGEOT supports an unconstrained energy transition by accompanying each new launch with an electrified version.

At PEUGEOT, the choice of silhouette does not dictate usage. Our customers first choose their model and then their motorization: thermal or electric (100% electric or Hybrid-Plug-In depending on the model).

Our customers simply have the POWER TO CHOOSE.



At PEUGEOT, the pleasure of driving has a future: Boredom is not and never will be part of our DNA.

This exciting vision of the future of driving pleasure takes the form of a desirable vehicle and adopts a realistic and resolutely modern template.

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND Concept is our Autonomous, Electric and Connected Manifesto.

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND Concept is the esthetic promise of an experience rich in sensations.



3 types of activity

  • Customer competition
  • Official manufacturer programmes
  • Engineering : skills and know-how in motor racing at the service of PEUGEOT production vehicles & “Peugeot Sport Engineered” signature projects for high-performance electrified production vehicles in the range

2020 :

  • Conception of the Hypercar Peugeot Rebellion car to compete in the 2022 World Endurance Championship (WEC)
  • Commercial launch of the 208 Rally Cup
  • 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered commercial launch of the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered
PEUGEOT – 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered


Thanks to know-how built up over 200 years of industrial creation and 120 years of automobile manufacturing, in June 2012 PEUGEOT launched the Peugeot Design Lab, a global brand design studio at the service of external clients.

Its main mission is to design products, services, and brand experiences in all sectors of activity, outside the automotive industry. Since its creation, numerous clients have called upon its services : Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Alstom, Bombardier, Leclerc, Groupe Seb, Quechua, etc. One of its latest creations is the Sea Drive Concept for Bénéteau.

PEUGEOT Design Lab - Helicopter Airbus


Peugeot Cycles has a history full of innovations and competitions  which began in 1885.

The Brand is today a pillar of PEUGEOT’s mobility strategy with its electrically assisted bicycles, which account for half of its sales.

In 2019, Team PEUGEOT Cycles, which is involved in the World e-Bikes Series electric mountain bike championship, has taken this electrification strategy to the next level.

Through its universes of Junior, Trekking, Road, City, Urban, Mountain and Legend bikes, PEUGEOT Cycles covers all its customer needs.



PEUGEOT has longstanding ties with the world of tennis.
We share the values of this sport (determination, precision, elegance, emotion, etc.) and this contributes to our pursuit of a more high-end positioning.
And the international dimension of tennis positions PEUGEOT as a global Brand.

Our partnerships with the Roland Garros “French Open” and the ATP Tour (19 tournaments across  the world), support this commitment and position PEUGEOT as the car manufacturer of reference in this sporting discipline.

PEUGEOT is launching its new international advertising campaign “Move to Electric” by calling on its ambassador Novak Djokovic

By taking part in this campaign and wearing an “Electric” patch on his jersey sleeve, the world’s No. 2 in the ATP rankings is highlighting his awareness of environmental protection and is endorsing PEUGEOT’s electrification strategy.

"PEUGEOT is a global brand whose know-how, rigour, culture of elegance and inventiveness stem from a centuries-old heritage.
With 210 years of history behind us, we have gone through many industrial revolutions and are approaching the energy transition with serenity and an exciting vision of the future. "

Linda Jackson, Chied Executive Officer, Peugeot brand

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