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Unlimited Mobility – With Free2Move, everyone has access to efficient mobility sharing services.

Free2Move embodies Groupe PSA's ambition: becoming the preferred worldwide mobility service provider by 2030.
It is meant to provide the most convenient mobility services, anywhere, anytime, for both end customers and corporate customers.

FREE2MOVE Car Shares in Paris!

From Monday December 3rd, Free2Move Paris is providing access to a fleet of 550 electric Peugeot i0n and Citroën C-Zéro vehicles.
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million carsharing users worldwide in 2025

New trends such as urbanization and digitalization have an impact on the economy and our everyday lives. In order to meet the mobility needs brought to life by these changes, Free2Move adresses B2C and B2B customers alike.

1,000,000 Free2movers


Enjoy seamless mobility with the Free2Move app.

Freedom of movement for end customers

The Free2Move application makes it easier for customers to use carsharing services: on one single application, they can view all available, nearby vehicules from various carsharing providers. After they have compared prices and technical details for each option they consider, all they have to do is book their desired car, bike or scooter for immediate or later use.

Offering the best in mobility for companies

Whether you belong to a large corporation, a SME or a public community, Free2Move can provide simple and practical tools for your car fleet management :

  • Free2Move Lease proposes a comprehensive long-term leasing solution for businesses.
  • Free2Move Connect Fleet is a fleet management solution particularly efficient for running costs reduction and activity optimization.
  • Free2Move Fleet sharing enables a business to run an internal car sharing service with quick & easy access to vehicles.

These offers are multi-brand and can be used independently or combined for an optimized fleet tracking.

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Free2Move's ambition is to become the preferred worldwide mobility services provider by 2030.
Brigitte Courtehoux, Executive Vice President, Mobility and Connectivity Services

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