Banque PSA Finance

Banque PSA Finance, an arm of the commercial policy of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands, provides financing, alone or through joint ventures, for vehicles sold by the three brands' networks in 18 countries.

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Banque PSA Finance and Grupo Santander: a win-win partnership

The partnership agreement signed in July 2014 with Santander Consumer Finance for the creation of joint ventures and commercial relations in 11 European countries and the agreement of 24 July 2015 with Banco Santander Brasil for operations in Brazil have boosted the competitiveness of the Groupe PSA's three Brands in Europe and Brazil.
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A profitable partnership with the Group's brands


new vehicles sold by the PSA Group were financed by Banque PSA Finance in 2016

Banque PSA Finance works closely with the three automobile brands, Peugeot, Citroën and DS, offering a complete range of financing that is not only innovative, but more importantly, also immediately and directly available at the point of sale. This is a profitable strategy that makes the BPF Group the market leader in the 20 countries where it operates.

An offer adapted to customers’ needs

Intended for all customers of the PSA Group, whether individual car buyers or small/midsize companies, the solutions offered by the BPF Group are adaptable to the needs of each customer and enable all of them:

  • to finance the purchase, servicing, or trade-in of a passenger car or light commercial vehicle;
  • to delegate all or some of the management of their company fleet;
  • and, if they are dealers, to finance their inventories and optimise their rotation of new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles, and replacement parts.

Banque PSA Finance also contributes to the development of the automotive industry by offering an exclusively online savings product.

«Whenever possible, we provide the means to boost the sales of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands and win their customers’ loyalty»
Jean-Marc Santolaria, BPF Marketing Manager