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Societal commitment

Groupe PSA is mindful of its responsibility in host communities.

Commitment to socially-responsible mobility

As a key factor in autonomy, development and progress, mobility is a fundamental right. Through its Foundation, sites and brands, Groupe PSA works to make mobility accessible to the greatest number.

The PSA Foundation

Since its creation in 2011, the PSA Foundation has backed over 400 projects aimed at placing mobility at the service of integration, the re-establishment of social ties, and access to culture and education. The Foundation is endowed with a €9.5 million budget over five years, a network of local delegates and around 200 sponsor-employees involved on an individual and volunteer basis. The projects in question mainly concern the creation of socially-responsible garages, socially-responsible driving schools and socially-responsible rental services.

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Sponsorship and philanthropy

The Foundation’s work is supplemented by the philanthropic initiatives of Groupe PSA’s sites, brands and subsidiaries. These initiatives are carried out at local level with the substantial involvement of employees to strengthen their local roots. Dozens of initiatives have been rolled out, among them “Imagination by Peugeot” in Argentina, a programme focused on education and environmental protection, and “Plato Val de Seine”, initiated by the Poissy site with view to helping local SMEs and micro-businesses to improve their performance.

Research and experiments

The City on the Move Institute, created by the Foundation in 2010, is a think tank tasked with developing research and experiments in social innovation on urban mobility and access to mobility.