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Brand Protection: a Top Priority for Groupe PSA

Counterfeiting in the automotive industry involves both spare parts and Equipment.

For example, the inner panel of an OEM bonnet has zones that are designed to crumple in the event of a serious collision. In the counterfeit bonnet, there are often fewer or none of these zones, which puts the driver’s, passengers’ or pedestrians’ life in danger.
If an accident occurred because of a counterfeit part or a part bearing a counterfeit make, the insurer would be within its rights not to assume liability or reimburse the losses.

Air filter

Original parts (from Original Equipment Manufacturer : OEM) and counterfeit parts look very similar, which makes it difficult for customs officers, repairers and consumers to spot the counterfeit parts.

The difference is not necessarily visual because the counterfeit mimics the external appearance but uses different materials and technologies to the OEM product.

Left : counterfeit part – Right : OEM part

For example, in addition to the differences in filtration, the OEM filter shown above is fire resistant, whereas the counterfeit part is not.


The financial risk

  • Counterfeiting in the automotive industry

    Within the automotive sector alone, the growth of counterfeiting costs France1 1000 jobs per year and almost 200,000 jobs2 around the world. According to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the impact of counterfeiting on the European automotive industry in 2015 was 15 billion euro3.

    Counterfeiting negatively affects the sales of car manufacturers, and consequently their capacity to invest and therefore innovate.

    1,3, https://cdn.iccwbo.org/content/uploads/sites/3/2017/02/ICC-BASCAP-Frontier-report-2016.pdf

    2 Source CCFA


Groupe PSA commitments

Each Groupe PSA brand, along with its network, guarantees the authenticity of its parts in order to maintain the performance and reliability of its vehicles over time. For each of the brands, OEM parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer, which assumes liability for any manufacturing or material defects during their warranty periods. This provides consumers with peace of mind and a sense of confidence.

Any accessories selected by Groupe PSA undergo tests that are validated by the manufacturer. As the accessories are specific to each vehicle, they are made to measure, which assures the customer of their optimal use for this vehicle.

Security labels

To prevent counterfeiting, product offers as a whole need to come with added protection, enabling Groupe PSA brands to preserve their identity at all times and helping Groupe PSA to fight fraud.

Because of this, a decision was taken to use a security label, which cannot be falsified, on all Peugeot, Citroën and DS OEM parts, Eurorepar parts and accessories. This label will be placed on spare parts’ packaging and will allow customs officers, repairers and customers to verify the authenticity of parts.

How is the authenticity of the label inspected?

The authenticity of the label can be inspected visually, by scanning the code or by going to the Internet address shown on the label.

Recommended App: Neoreader on OS, Android and Windows phone.

  1. Access to the inspection application on a PC or a tablet at the address shown on the label
  2. You want to test ? Click here.
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