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Our Customer Satisfaction commitment

Your requirements, our uncompromising commitment

Quality is an unwavering commitment for the Groupe PSA, and the customer is the central focus of our quality policy. The Group commits to fulfilling the requirements of customers by ensuring top-level product reliability and providing them with high-quality features and services.

It brings its customers high-quality service when handing over their car and offers them an after-sales service commensurate with their expectations.

Unwavering automotive quality

Vehicle quality is ensured at each and every step in the life span of the product.

It encompasses fundamental characteristics such as reliability and top-flight customer features on a long-term basis.

Objective: 0 defects

The number-one quality aspect is the reliability of a vehicle, i.e. “0 defects” in manufacturing and the correct functioning of all its systems.  Vehicle features must absolutely respond to customer expectations on performance, styling, perceived quality, comfort and pleasure.

For lasting quality

High-level quality maintained over the long term is a prerequisite, whether in terms of keeping driving pleasure intact or safeguarding resale values. Groupe PSA is committed to a programme called “New at 3 years old” to guarantee that vehicles will always be perceived as new after three years of use. To that end, 250 technical design guidelines have been revised to improve the resilience of vehicles over time and more demanding endurance tests have been implemented.

Rigorous inspection processes

Quality management is based on rigorous processes and management systems. For example, more than 1,800 functional characteristics and aspects are inspected on each vehicle coming out of the plant.

  • 3 million

    customers surveyed every year worldwide

  • 89 %

    of customers give a rating of 9 or 10/10 to their experience in new vehicle sales & delivery , or aftersales

Our customer-centric policy

In the era of multi-channel and bespoke communication, the sales relationship has switched from a transactional approach to a personal approach in which the customer is the central focus. The Groupe PSA is committed to a proactive approach, listening closely to its customers so as to improve their experience throughout an optimised and individualised customer journey.

  • A customised relationship

The customer chooses the time, place and manner in which they want to enter into a relationship with the Groupe PSA. Our agencies, dealerships, sites and apps respond to their requests for information or services whenever and wherever. All these contact points are inter-connected, generating a seamless and optimal service experience.

  • Bespoke services

A broad range of services are available, ensuring a bespoke response. This is true for services during the vehicle sale (reception, advice, getting to know the vehicle, financing and insurance options) and after the vehicle sale (handling, maintenance, repair, spare parts replacement).  It is also true for new mobility services, with rental and carsharing for individual customers and companies, and connected services that make vehicle access and use easier.