Open innovation

Openness as the key to successful innovation

To respond to technological, environmental and social challenges, the Group is structuring its work around open innovation, an approach that offers a broad range of opportunities, such as the reduction of development costs, the detection of new trends, and the acceleration of innovation processes. Open innovation serves to pool knowledge, know-how and R&D risks with a wide range of internal and external partners.

Involving employees and customers

The Group organises numerous idea challenges on the car of the future and mobility services, as well as the reduction of the Group’s overheads.

  • In 2015, a challenge on reducing replacement parts costs brought together 3,000 visitors and 500 participants, generating over 400 ideas and 2,000 contributions.
  • An incubator for “growing ideas” was launched in the same year. In one year, more than 130 applications have been received.

At the forefront of new automotive products and services with StelLab, a leading-edge network with the academic world

To remain on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge, the Group forms preferred partnerships in Europe and internationally with academia. In 2010 PSA created StelLab, based on a network of 16 OpenLabs, 7 academic chairs and two innovation units.

StelLab = Science & Technologies Exploratory Lean LABoratory

In early 2016 StelLAB was extended to Africa with a sustainable mobility laboratory that will develop research programmes on the electric vehicle of the future, renewable energies and tomorrow’s logistics.

Contributing actively to competitiveness hubs and platforms

Groupe PSA is an active member of the competitiveness hubs of the automotive sector (including Mov’eo, Véhicule du Futur and ID4car) that contribute to the emergence of collaborative projects and meetings with new partners. The Group has created an open innovation community with Mov’eo, focused on the design of man-machine interfaces. Groupe PSA is also a key player in the PFA automotive sector platform that is working to strengthen the French automotive industry through four programmes:

  • A car consuming 2 l/ 100 km
  • The autonomous vehicle
  • “Bio-sourced” carbon fibre
  • Information systems