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Open innovation

Openness as the key to successful innovation

In order to expand the scope of opportunities Groupe PSA relies on an Open Innovation approach, which brings together a broad range of partners including universities, laboratories, suppliers, institutions, corporates, SMEs, startups, employees, customers, etc.


The purpose of the Open Innovation policy is to help the Group to:


  • Enhance its agility and market more innovative solutions;


  • Detect new trends and new Business Models;


  • Have access to the best knowledge that exists (scientific, technological, use, etc.);


  • Help to balancing the economic equation of R&D by sharing costs and risks with its partners or by enhancing the value of its expertise and technologies outside the Company. For Groupe PSA, Open Innovation aims to build and manage relationships driven by shared value creation with stakeholders from four ecosystems: with people, companies, academia and institutions. Through this initiative of “openness”, Groupe PSA aims to expand its ability to innovate.




  • The “individuals” ecosystem incorporates Group employees, customers and users of mobility in general. It aims to cement the place of individuals at the core of innovation process.


  • The ”businesses” ecosystem covers start-ups, SMEs, VSEs and large companies, exploring new terrain and working with others to build the solutions of the future.


  • The “institutions and networks” ecosystem brings together incubators, accelerators, competitiveness clusters, networks dedicated to innovation which facilitate meetings with new potential partners, partnerships with SMEs and start-ups and the setting up of collaborative projects. With the creation of The Business Lab, Groupe PSA has been able to boost its partnerships with these players : Euratechnologies, Paris Région Entreprises, Le Village by CA, Paris & CO., BPI France, BFA, MOV’EO, Cubo, etc.


  • The academic” ecosystem focuses on scientific partnerships with the most advanced universities and laboratories in their respective fields. They are targeted so as to benefit from their expertise and explore ways to branch out into new research.

The Incubator

In 2015, an Incubator was established in France to host and support employees who have ideas for innovation or new businesses for the Group. The methodology, inspired by start-ups, is centered on several important events: #PitchDays, during which employees are given three minutes to pitch their idea; #debugs, which allow employees to participate in brainstorming sessions with idea originators they wish to assist; and #ProjectReviews, which take place at the end of the incubation period in front of the Steering Committee. Three years after the Incubator’s creation, 497 applications have been reviewed, of which 87 projects incubated and 21 projects launched.