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Innovating to limit environmental impact

Groupe PSA is the European leader in CO2 emissions reduction

For over 20 years, Groupe PSA has rolled out innovative technologies to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the automotive industry and improve air quality. The advances it has made in engines and vehicle design have led to spectacular progress.

With an average of 114.1 g CO2/km, compared to 118.2 g on average on the market, Groupe PSA  is among the European leaders in reducing CO2 emissions in 2018. The Group implements the most innovative technological solutions in terms of architecture, supply, injection and pollution control.

  • 114.1 g/km

    of CO2 emitted by Groupe PSA's vehicles on average in 2018

Leading-edge technologies to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of internal-combustion engines

The Group has reduced CO2 emissions largely through downsizing its petrol engines.

Downsizing: reducing capacity and the number of cylinders

The latest innovations gained concrete form in a 3-cylinder petrol engine – the EB PureTech, voted Engine of the Year in 2018 – and a new generation of diesel engines (BlueHDi Euro 6). Equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), BlueHDi engines eliminate 99.9% of particulates by number and up to 90% of nitrogen oxide (NOx).

In less than ten years, Groupe PSA will have renewed its entire petrol engine range, consistent with its CO2 emissions reduction objectives in Europe as well as in other major markets such as China and Brazil.

In parallel, the Group is pursuing the development of plug-in petrol hybrid vehicles and a second generation of electric vehicles for launch in 2019.

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Environmental optimisation

In addition to engine technologies, all the equipment and architectures of the vehicles are taken into account to reduce CO2 emissions, including weight, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, electrical management, and driver assistance systems. The challenge lies in constantly striking a balance between environmental requirements and the appeal and cost of the vehicle.


Groupe PSA’s teams work to limit the environmental impact of cars in each phase in their life cycle, from product definition, design and production to transport and sale, use and end of life. The Groupe has developed a method for assessing the environmental performance of innovations that can be used to evaluate their recyclability and environmental impact.

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