R&D strategy

More sustainable mobility, more connected and more attractive: Groupe PSA is preparing today for tomorrow's mobility.

Innovation as a competitiveness driver

What will the car of the future look like? How to better integrate it in its environment? What are the keys to the appeal of a vehicle? These questions are central to Groupe PSA’s innovation strategy, aimed at better satisfying its customers.

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges, complying with regulatory requirements on the environment and safety, anticipating the future expectations of customers… innovation is also a key factor in combining progress and competitiveness. Inseparable from development and growth, innovation is the cornerstone of value creation.

The Group confirmed its place as the leading French patent filer for the eighth consecutive year with 1,063 patents published in France in 2014. That ranking reflects the commitment of the Group’s employees to the introduction of innovative solutions in the automotive industry that will result in the car of the future.

Innovation consists in bringing drivers and passengers original and indispensable vehicle features

Brigitte Courtehoux, Director of Connected Services and Mobility

The innovation triptych by Groupe PSA

Groupe PSA innovation strategy is focused on customers, the environment and products.

“For Groupe PSA, an innovative vehicle is a clean vehicle, connected to its environment, autonomous, and ensuring in-car well-being and driving pleasure”

Automotive innovation momentum

To respond rapidly to market trends and anticipate technological and social disruptions, Groupe PSA fuels its innovation momentum by:

  • 13 000

    employees at the R&D department

  • 8%

    of Group revenues devoted to R&D, or €2,900 million in R&D investment and expenditure in 2016.

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