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Creator of Shared and Sustainable Value

The automotive industry is facing a number of challenges that we have identified through major trends

Groupe PSA integrates them already in everyday life: the fragmentation of the markets that requires being both global and local, the global awareness of climate change and the economy of sharing that write a right for all to sustainable and affordable mobility, the connectivity and the autonomy of objects that open up an immense field of possibilities without compromising on security, the digitalization that revolutionizes our ways of thinking, the behaviour of consumers that drives the development of our offers.


It is not enough to have a comprehensive view of trends; also required are insights into when, how and how far those trends will impact offers and then business models.

Its understanding of the industry’s new landscape, is helping Groupe PSA to re-define and create the future of mobility.

Our role as a company is to create sustainable and shared value for our stakeholders: our customers, our employees, our investors,
our suppliers, the civil society, the environment expect us to bring a positive contribution to the economy, society
and the environment.

To push forward environmental and societal innovation, we do not hesitate to shake the codes by engaging partnerships
with demanding players who question our practices and our missions and help us advance