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Olivier Bourges

Executive Vice President, Programs and Strategy

Mr Olivier BOURGES is graduated of Sciences Po Paris and the Ecole Nationale d’Administration.

He began his career at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, at the Treasury Department where he held the positions of Deputy Head of the Banks Office, Deputy Director representing France at the World Bank and then Head of the Housing Financing Office.

Then, in 2000, he joined Renault as Director of Investor Relations, where he then held several operational positions, including at Nissan. He will return to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance in 2009 as Deputy Director General within the State Holdings Agency and then as Deputy Director General in the Public Finance Department.

Mr. Olivier BOURGES joined Groupe PSA in 2014. He was appointed Secretary General of Groupe PSA and ensured, within the Executive Committee of Groupe PSA, the executive following up of BPF (Banque PSA Finance). On February 1, 2018, he was appointed Head of Programs and Strategy. He will continue to manage the Group’s two sales financing JVs.

He was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of Peugeot S.A. by the Supervisory Board on February 25, 2019. His term of office will begin on 1 March 2019.