Groupe PSA has a two-tier management structure comprising a Managing Board, responsible for strategic and operational management, and a Supervisory Board, responsible for oversight and control.

The Managing Board is responsible for executive management.
It helps to define and implement Group strategy, in accordance with the key objectives set by the Supervisory Board
Its members are appointed by the Supervisory Board for a period of 4 years and consists of 4 members, incl. a Chairman.

The Managing Board of Groupe PSA is backed by an Executive Committee, organised in a matrix structure by brands, regions and business lines.
This structure aims to secure worldwide profitable growth for the Group. Each region is supervised by a Chief Operating Officer, who is responsible for economic profit and the management of Group resources in the region, including manufacturing and sales activities. This responsibility is exercised in partnership with the Group brands and business lines.
Four business line VPs report to the Chairman of the Managing Board.