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Groupe PSA application to track parcels

Information editors

The mobile app Tracking Colis is the property of Groupe PSA

Application content

The Tracking Colis application guarantees the traceability of parcels, since the order on the e-commerce site of a producing trader, until the delivery to the customer, by means of a Tracking Code associated with the Parcel. Two profiles are available with different functions in the process of delivery :  Producer/deliverer and relay.

Identification profile

To access the service; a Username (for Producer/deliverer or for relay), and a password are delivered by the central administrator of the service, who associates them authorizations and modes of management.

Profiles responsibilities

The profile Producer/deliverer operates all the steps of its logistics parcel, by reading the Tracking Code associated with the Parce

The initial state of the parcel is «  ordered » and changes to « Prepared», « In Transit», « Delivered »

The profile Relay, for example a company concierge service operates the receipt and delivery to the customer’s hands.by the final state in « Handed ».

Once executed the reading of Tracking Code, the state of the parcel changes to « Received ». The handed to the customer by signature on mobile app is concluding the process,

Data of the parcel

Creation of Tracking code for a parcel and sending of data customer to deliver (e-mail and telephone), by a webservice call “Tracking colis” on the e-commerce site

2 ways of reading the Tracking code of the parcel:

the first one, manual : the producer/deliverer  and relay are reading all the QR-Code, directly by smartphone

the second automatic : the parcels are identified by reading RFID tags in the vehicle, data transmitted by Bluetooth mode on  the smartphone of the producer/deliverer

Camera  for the 2 profiles

Reading application of QR code on a smartphone.

Interface to RFID reader installed in the vehicle   only for the profile Producer /deliverer

Pairing the reader with to the smartphone of producer/deliverer for sending data, in the Bluetooth mode,

 Confidentiality rules

The actual version of Tracking colis app is used in a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

The automatic purge of datas customers (e-mail and telephone) and of parcels (Tracking code)  is realized at the end of 2 months after the consolidation of statistics.

   Other :

A web page of the stage in progress of the parcel is available for consultation by the customers, thanks to an URL transmitted by SMS, or thanks to an identification of parcel on Work in PSA (for collaborator).