Mobility is at the heart of Groupe PSA strategy

To make excellent vehicles available by supplying mobility services that are adapted to customers’ needs: mobility is at the heart of the Groupe PSA' strategy.


New milestone in the Groupe’s Mobility Strategy

In response to new mobility challenges, the Groupe PSA is continuing to deploy its Push to Pass plan by building an ecosystem of some 15 partners and developers, all of whom will be attending the Groupe’s Mobility Days event on 28 and 29 September 2016 in Paris.


Think of usage as much as automobiles

The activities of an automotive group today are at the same time the automobile and mobility

Brigitte Courtehoux, Director of the Connected Business Services and New Mobilities Unit
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    A technological revolution

    In order to best respond to customers’ requests, Groupe PSA is resourceful in designing products that are more attractive, safer and innovative.

    1st stage: the connected car

    The primary requirement of drivers and passengers is safety. Since 2003, the Groupe PSA has pioneered the emergency and assistance call system and today is the leader in Europe.

    1,8 M Groupe PSA equipped vehicles

    Discover emergency and assistance call

    2nd stage: the communicating car

    Making the most of its knowledge of communicating cars, the Groupe PSA has launched services that enhance customers’ driving experience, allowing them to save time: receive real-time traffic information, optimise the management of fleets of commercial vehicles, facilitate the planning of maintenance of individual customers’ cars…

    • PSA Connect Fleet Management
    • Connected after-sales service
    • Connected real-time navigation

    3rd stage: towards the automated car

    The Groupe PSA’s road map for making vehicles autonomous evolved from the research into safer and more pleasurable mobility. This anticipates a progressive trend towards automated driving without human supervision, while respecting current legislation.

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    A customer-driven revolution

    By putting the customer at the centre of its approach to mobility solutions, the Groupe PSA understands how to respond to all needs, in all locations at all times.


    Gradual implementation of a paid-for online service, with a view to making the services provided by the Group available 24/7.


    To respond to customer expectations in terms of all-inclusive plans for mobility, the Groupe PSA is developing flexible solutions without constraints:

    • Creating a multi-brand B2B rental service;
    • Enhancing the service contracts for new vehicles;
    • Creating a customised insurance policy – “pay as you drive / how you drive”.


    The Groupe PSA’s ambition is to become a provider of multi-brand after-sales service, by targeting the 3 main segments of the market:

    • An improved supply of genuine replacement parts;
    • Developing a multi-brand network that is affordable and local to its customers;
    • Development of Mister-Auto.


    In order to respond to the interest in the used-vehicle market and to offer purchasing solutions adapted to everyone’s needs, the Groupe PSA’s will develop an online, multi-brand trading platform by the end of 2016. The objective is to double the sales of used vehicles by 2021.


4 areas of development for services providing connected mobility

4 areas of development to support the Groupe’s growth in providing mobility solutions, with the objective of €300m turnover by 2021.


2. Fleet management

50,000 vehicles of professional customers connected to the leading European fleet management companies via PSA Connect Fleet Management

Optimising the use of vehicles with the car sharing system which is adapted to the needs of professionals.

Partnerships in fleet management services connected with Orange Business Service, TomTom Telematics and Masternaut.

3. Connected after-sales

Almost 2 million Groupe cars are connected (B2B / B2C).

Thanks to the connection via the emergency and assistance call system, customers are contacted by their dealer to schedule service work at the most convenient time.


4. Intelligent services and Big Data applied to vehicles

Useful in-vehicle services: real-time traffic information, hazard alerts, fuel prices and availability of parking.

Partnership with IBM to provide towns and regions with a precise picture of effective road use and, therefore, a reduction in congestion and improved safety: some promising experiments are being held in the city of Nice (France) and in the region of Wallonia (Belgium). ie (Belgique).


In response to the major shifts taking place in society and the emergence of new collaborative ways of using transport, the Groupe PSA has united its mobility and smart services offering under a new brand, Free2Move.