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Freedom of Movement Mobility by PSA

Today, smartphones give us access to a wide range of transport solutions that we can pay for as we go. This “mobility as a service” is a tailor-made response to our individual travel needs.
Committed to safe, simple, sustainable and affordable mobility, Groupe PSA also provides mobility services that give everyone the freedom to move around.

Mobility Revolution

Free2move, the Group’s mobility brand, now offers its services in 13 countries on three continents, making it THE solution for people wanting to get around – and get ahead.

PSA’s goal is to make the Group a major player in mobility services on an international scale

Brigitte Courtehoux, Executive Vice-President, Mobility and Connectivity Services


Free2move embodies this new approach by offering an “app of apps” that gives access to nearly 50 mobility services provided by all types of operators in 34 cities.

It allows people to access the most popular mobility solutions – cars, bikes, freeride kick and motor scooters, ride-hailing services and public transport – from a single application.

Launched in April 2017, Free2Move App has been downloaded by 2 million users to date.

The Free2Move app offers 65,000 vehicles (cars, scooters and bikes) in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands and Denmark) and through a range of operators in the United States.

– Peer-to-peer carsharing: Drivy, Toosla

– Self-service carsharing: Communauto, Zipcar, Moov’in, DriveNow, Ubeeqo, car2go, Free2Move, etc.

– Ride-hailing services: Uber, AlloCab, CleverShuttle, etc.

– Self-service bikes: Donkey Republic and more than ten local operators

– Self-service scooters: COUP and close to ten local operators

The transition to mobility as a service is gathering pace, with the number of users of mobility services set to reach 36 million worldwide by 2025.


On top of its app, Free2move is also a carsharing operator, currently available in five cities: Washington DC, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and Wuhan in China.

A fleet of 500 to 1000 self-service electric vehicles* is available in each city. The principle is simple: find the nearest vehicle and unlock it using your smartphone, then pay based on how long you use it.

Already, 260,000 customers have used our carsharing services. On average, they use them three to five times a month, and rarely for more than 30 minutes at a time.

* Except in Washington DC

FREE2MOVE SERVICES, the travel assistant

A single app to put the constraints of car journeys behind you, available on smartphones and on the connected navigation screen of Groupe PSA vehicles.

– Pay for your parking on the street or in a carpark

– Book your parking space in train stations and airports, or take advantage of a valet service

– Use the electronic toll pass to avoid having to wait at motorway toll booths


New features dedicated to electric vehicles, such as an electric charging station locator, will soon round out the range of services.

FREE2MOVE RENT, short-term rentals

Introducing Rent, the latest Free2Move mobility service. Rent is a fully digitised rental solution available 24/7, for Group-brand vehicles.

This short-term rental service – available for a day or a month – offers a simplified customer experience that draws on the expertise of TravelCar, the car rental start-up recently acquired by Groupe PSA.

Rent easily and at any time

Free2move Rent can be used to book, open and start a rental car 24/7, all from a regular smartphone.

Launched in France in June 2019, the service will gradually be extended throughout Europe, to Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

By the end of the year, nearly 20,000 vehicles will be available in 1,300 branches, making Free2Move Rent a local rental company on a European scale.


FREE2MOVE RENT Launch – Press Release

FREE2MOVE CAR ON DEMAND, the subscription car service

With Free2move Car On Demand, you can enjoy the benefits of a car every day, but with no commitment and no loan. Everything is included, from insurance to servicing, assistance and tyre maintenance! So there are no more surprises at the end of the month.

You can change model once a year, drive as much as you choose and stop your subscription when you want (with one month’s notice).

And there’s no legwork involved: you just order the model you want online and we deliver it to you within 14 days!




FREE2MOVE also offers Services for Businesses


Streamline your car fleet! Employees can book a vehicle when they need one, using a web or mobile interface. The result is a simple and effective system that can generate significant savings on travel budgets. Forget about taxi fares or managing mileage allowances.

CONNECTED FLEETS: Free2Move Connect Fleet

You have real-time access to data from your fleet of vehicles, including distances travelled, time of use, vehicle geolocation and mechanical alerts. This invaluable source of information can help you continuously optimise how you manage your fleet.


A multi-brand long-term leasing plan combined with a wide and growing range of services. Insurance, fuel, maintenance – you name it, Free2move will take care of it.

An enhanced experience

Connected cars are becoming smart spaces, opening up fresh possibilities for services such as personal assistants in the vehicle, remote activation and deactivation, thermal pre-conditioning of the passenger compartment and remote diagnosis.

These new services draw on the exchange of data whose integrity and confidentiality must be guaranteed during transfers between the vehicle and the cloud.

To meet this challenge, Groupe PSA is developing a global automotive IoT platform known as the Connected Vehicle Modular Platform, designed to comply with highly demanding data protection requirements.

In doing so, the Group’s aim is to foster an augmented and increasingly personalised automotive experience.