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Commitments and results for Energy Transition

Groupe PSA deploys innovative and sustainable technologies to reduce the emissions of its vehicles, while optimizing the use of natural resources.

For more than 10 years, Groupe PSA has been one of the European leaders in reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles. This leadership reflects its choice to favor efficient and accessible technological solutions, deployed on general public vehicles, a sine qua non condition for a real impact on the environment.

Climate Governance

Climate governance: CO2 is the No. 1 criterion for every decision in the company

Carbon emissions issues are at the heart of the responsibility of an international automotive group like Groupe PSA. In order to effectively support the implementation of decisions related to the fight against climate change, Groupe PSA has adopted a climate governance and has integrated climate issues at all levels of the company, with responsibility exercised within all management and executive functions.

A Corporate CO2 Committee supervised by the Chairman of the Managing Board meets monthly to guide the strategy on vehicle CO2 emissions.


In addition, an Industrial and Logistics CO2 Committee, as well as a Material Strategy Committee, regularly identify and assess climate risks related to production and supply, in order to provide the Executive Committee with a global overview of these issues throughout the value chain.

Carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality: a holistic climate approach to reduce CO2 emissions at all stages of the of the car life cycle

As a player in sustainable mobility, Groupe PSA is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its vehicles, from the extraction of the raw materials needed to manufacture them to their recycling.

82% of the total carbon footprint of the Group’s vehicles are related to their use. The Group is therefore concentrating a large part of its efforts on reducing this source of emissions, and thus devotes nearly 40% of its Research and Development budget to clean tech :

  • 4 new electric models and 6 new plug-in hybrid petrol models were launched in 2019,
  • In 2021, 50% of the vehicles on the market will be offered in electrified versions, this will amount to 100% of the offer in 2025.

Groupe PSA has been one of the European leaders in reducing vehicle CO2 emissions for more than 10 years. This leadership reflects its choice to favour efficient and accessible technological solutions, deployed on mass-market vehicles, a prerequisite for a real impact on the environment.



Photovoltaic panels at Sochaux plant

Alongside the eco-design of its vehicles, the Group is also working to reduce the carbon footprint of:

  • its supply chain and logistics activities – by including its suppliers in its overall approach to reducing emissions,
  • its real estate locations – by generalizing teleworking up to 70% of the time, for those functions that allow it and on a worldwide basis;
  • its industrial facilities – by challenging processes, practices and energy supplies to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050.

Science Based Targets Initiative

Groupe PSA has submitted its GHG emission reduction targets (scopes 1, 2 and 3) to the Steering Committee of the Science Based Targets initiative, which certified them as in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

This external scientific validation confirms the relevance of Groupe PSA climate strategy and its technological choices.

Carbon-free Mobility

Supporting our customers towards carbon-free mobility to reduce CO2 emissions



At the beginning of 2020, Citroën launched AMI, a non-conformist mobility object: ultra-compact, licence-free, 100% electric, with a battery that recharges in just 3 hours from a standard electrical outlet.

Available in car-sharing, for purchase or rental, with an ultra-competitive price positioning, AMI is a real breakthrough in access to urban mobility, a car that is as close as possible to new modes of consumption and accessible to all.

In addition to the five car brands (Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel and Vauxhall), the Free2Move brand brings together the Groupe PSA mobility services to guarantee its customers freedom of movement.

Several Free2Move electric car-sharing services are operational in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, etc.

To make travelling by electric car easier, Free2Move has created the Free2Move Services application, which allows :

  • locate the charging stations compatible with your electric vehicle among the largest network in Europe (160,000 public charging points) ;
  • plan an optimized itinerary, taking into account the location of compatible charging points and the remaining range of the vehicle,
  • estimate the duration of your trip taking into account the charging time, with the possibility of sending the itinerary to the vehicle’s connected navigation tool and updating the itinerary throughout the journey based on the range in real time.

In this way, Groupe PSA activates all the levers to simplify electric mobility, reduce CO2 emissions and encourage its customers in the energy transition.