The Groupe PSA and Aramisauto : A strategic alliance to become a global player in the multi-brand used-car market

As part of its Push to Pass strategic plan, the Groupe PSA aims to be a reference carmaker and become the preferred mobility provider, This ambition is leading the Groupe PSA to enter exclusive negotiations to conclude a strategic alliance and become a major player in the multi-brand used-car market.

Aramisauto, a pioneering start-up

Aramisauto is a multi-brand online sales platform dedicated to selling used cars to individual buyers. The site boasts over one million visitors per month, attesting to the market’s vitality. Founded in 2001, Aramisauto is a pioneer in online car sales and was the first platform to offer factory-reconditioned vehicles for resale. Its promise to customers is “satisfied or your money back”.

  • € 360

    Million in revenue

  • 32,000

    vehicles sold , 2016 sales objective

Groupe PSA and Aramisauto : a win-win alliance project

This strategic and capitalistic alliance project will help Aramisauto achieve faster growth and develop outside France, with the benefit of the Groupe PSA worldwide presence. Nicolas Chartier, co-founder of Aramisauto, said: “working with Groupe PSA will be an enabler of enhanced competitiveness and growth”. His strategic alliance will give the Groupe PSA access to the considerable growth potential of a used-car market, in which it has until now had little involvement.”

“The alliance would allow the Groupe PSA to enter the online used-car sales market alongside a leader in the field (…). A worldwide growth of the car-used market is our common goal”

Marc Lechantre, Vice-President of the Groupe PSA’s Used‑Car Business

A common goal

While remaining mutually independent, the Groupe PSA and Aramisauto are shaping the future together, united around a common goal. “Our shared ambition is to become consumers’ preferred solution for buying and selling used cars in Europe,” said Guillaume Paoli, co-founder of Aramisauto. For the Groupe PSA, the objective is to sell 800,000 used cars by 2021 and quadruple its profit from this business.