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Groupe PSA, committed to social integration and job opportunities for the disabled

Since 2000, six consecutive agreements have been signed to promote our initiatives for social integration and job opportunities for people with disabilities. A global framework agreement implements our policy around the world, aiming to retain disabled employees in the workforce, spearhead prevention campaigns and promote job opportunities.

For example, these various initiatives have helped Groupe PSA now reach an employment rate of 7.5% of disabled workers in France, surpassing the legally required 6%. Factoring in the purchases from the sheltered employment sector, this rate climbs to 10.5%.

In France, Groupe PSA is the number one buyer in the sheltered and supported employment sector. The Group generates added value of €38 million (or more than €50 million in terms of revenue) for the sector, a contribution that represents approximately 1,970 jobs.
As a result of this commitment, all of the cars manufactured in Europe by Groupe PSA contain at least one component produced by the sheltered and supported employment sector.


Groupe PSA is committed to end violence against women

Groupe PSA commitment to end violence against women has been for a long time part of the collective agreements in France, Spain and at international level. It belongs to its social responsibility.
Partner violence is a society challenge and a serious issue of public health.
As for sexual harassment, it is intolerable anywhere and particularly in the workplace.
The workplace must be a place of protection. That includes protection against all forms of violence, especially violence against women.
In the very recent agreement on women employment and equal opportunities signed on October 5, 2017, the Group is committing to launch “an awareness campaign to set up a company culture free from sexism and safeguarding good work relationships between women and men, wellbeing and collective performance.”
Vigilance from everyone. In order to increase vigilance, the company wants to raise awareness on all forms of violence against women: verbal, physical, psychological…One should not underestimate these violence acts nor their impact and the suffering they cause.
When violence acts happen in the workplace, the company protects the victims and penalizes the authors.

When violence acts happen outside the company and relate to the employee private life, they have consequences on wellbeing, health and performance at work. The law protects the victims. In full confidentiality, company social services provide support to employees suffering from partner violence as well as information on legislation in particular on victim protection, and also direct toward professionals within public services or organizations for victim assistance.


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