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Groupe PSA again recognized for its CSR policy

Oekom Research, the German extra-financial rating agency, has revealed its international ranking of the most responsible companies.

Groupe PSA maintains its position as sector leader in the ranking of the OEKOM agency

Groupe PSA has particularly shown its leadership on the four domains that constitute, according to OEKOM, the key performance issues of the automotive sector: fuel consumption of vehicles; product life cycle analyzes; management of the supply chain according to social and environmental standards; development of alternative engines and mobility solutions.

OEKOM welcomed:

  • Groupe PSA’s leadership in CO2 emissions from the fleet sold in Europe, with an average emission of 104.7 g/km of CO2 certified in 2017, vs a market at 118.5 g/km ;
  • the outstanding performance of the Group in the functional safety of the electronic systems of its cars, the efficiency of its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach and the eco-design efforts made on its products ;
  • the Group’s innovations in the field of new mobility (carsharing services, the use of connected vehicle technology to offer a range of related services), as well as research and experiments conducted around mobility in developing countries and megacities.
    • Groupe PSA is the leader in the automotive sector[1], for the third year in a row.

    • The Group also retains the status “Prime” (status of excellence), determining in investment décisions.


The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance is evaluated by OEKOM with regard to a hundred environmental and social indicators, specifically weighted for each activity sector. For the automotive industry, special emphasis is placed on the development of alternative engines (including electric).

The strict requirements for the OEKOM « Prime » status relate to the sustainability performance of companies, which particularly reflects the use of opportunities, the achievement of a positive impact and the successful handling of industry-related risks.

Oekom Research analyzes around 4,000 companies (including 34 for the automotive industry) based on their publications as well as information from independent external sources, such as NGOs, government authorities, trade unions and the media.

The agency has recently upgraded its rating methodology to align it with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


[1] Ex-aequo with Bayerische Motoren Werke AG et Tesla Inc.