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Covid-19 Crisis : Groupe PSA is mobilizing

In addition to protecting its employees, Groupe PSAis mobilized to help those who, on a daily basis, take action to

Organize to protect

Since the beginning of the crisis, the group has put in place a system to protect the health of employees, while ensuring the continuation of the company’s activities.

Measures restricting access to the Group’s sites and suspending business travel have been put in place. For tertiary functions, teleworking was encouraged and developed during this particular period, in coordination with the IT teams.

Barrier gestures have been communicated throughout the Group (e-mail, posters, Intranet).

Depending on the country and the dealer network, after-sales and service activities are always open to ensure the mobility of healthcare personnel and other front-line customers (logistics, ambulances, etc.), thanks to mobilized employees who strictly apply the protocol of reinforced measures put in place by the Group.

In France, 500 Peugeot, Citroën, DS Store and Opel dealerships are currently open to provide maintenance and after-sales services for these customers.

Giving to support those on the front line

To date, nearly 700,000 masks have been donated to hospitals, emergency services and prefectures, while keeping the necessary equipment for employees working on site (France, Portugal and Slovakia).

At the same time, the Group’s medical services organize the donation of medical equipment (multiparametric monitors, defibrillator, first aid kits, gloves, etc.) to hospitals in Milan, Madrid and Mulhouse.


Supporting also the most vulnerable

The Group has also chosen to distribute masks to associations working to combat exclusion and to shelters that work with the most vulnerable populations.

“The associations need this equipment to protect homeless people and the employees who accompany them on a daily basis, often in very difficult conditions,” said Florent Gueguen, Director of the Fédération des acteurs de la solidarité, upon receiving the masks.

Fondation PSA is mobilized to

Fondation PSA provides exceptional support to the “Tous unis contre le virus” alliance of the Fondation de France, the AP-HP and the Pasteur Institute.

Mobilisation for Covid-19 emergency aid of all the funds allocated to the Fondation PSA’s 2020 calls for projects
This donation will support the mobility of the structures accompanying the sick and isolated and fragile people.

The Board of Directors of the PSA Foundation met in extraordinary session on Thursday 2 April. It decided to redirect all the funds earmarked for its 2020 calls for projects to the benefit of emergency solidarity mobility solutions in favour of :

  • The mobility of carers and caregivers to the sick, including home help for the elderly or disabled,
  • The distribution of food, health and hygiene products for people in precarious or isolated situations,
  • Support for the mobility of public interest structures that carry out actions in areas of activity essential to the life of the nation, in this period of health crisis, particularly to maintain the mobility of the most vulnerable in rural areas.

Groupe PSA’s Top Management is mobilizing 

  • The equivalent of 4 million euros raised for the benefit of the Fondation PSA to fight against the consequences of the pandemic
  • A voluntary Top Management initiative that complements the Group’s other solidarity actions


Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board, has informed the Supervisory Board of Peugeot S.A. of his desire to reduce the amount of his long-term compensation 2020 by 50,000 shares, equivalent to 35% [1] of his fixed compensation and 38% under the plan LTI 2020. In addition, the 3 other members of the Managing Board also expressed their desire to reduce their long-term compensation in shares by 25% for 2020.

The company’s TOP 100 Executives also wanted to be part of this solidary action by reducing its share allocation rights under the LTI 2020 Plan, to an average of 21%.

This is the equivalent of 335,000 shares, valued at more than 4 million euros1 which will be collected for the benefit of the Fondation PSA, in order to strengthen its actions to fight against exclusion by lack of mobility. The selection of the projects will be made within the framework of the Fondation process, controlled by its Board of Directors.


[1] Based on a share price at € 12

Ensuring the mobility of those who need it most

Free2Move offers its help by providing hospitals and healthcare professionals with vehicles from its fleet in Paris, Madrid and Lisbon.

The Opel France network lends vehicles to healthcare personnel free of charge via its fleet. It also offers them maintenance “at cost price” to allow them to travel and practice with peace of mind. More than 400 cars are available.

In Spain, Groupe PSA and PSA Retail offer their car fleets to the health authorities (on the national territory and through local actions in Vigo and Zaragoza). And in Morocco, 50 Peugeot 208s will be donated to the authorities.

Activating our industrial skills to support everyone’s efforts

Groupe PSA is taking part, along with three other companies (Air Liquide, Schneider Electric, Valeo) in the challenge to produce 10,000 respirators in 50 days, from the beginning of April to mid-May .
A workshop is set up at its Poissy site to manufacture the central block of artificial respirators. The Group’s volunteer employees also join the Air Liquide plant in Antony to assemble the respirators.

In another initiative, the Group’s teams in Brazil have begun 3D printing part of the “facial screens” used to protect medical teams in contact with patients. These screens will be donated to public health authorities.

Mobilized at all levels, the Group also supports local initiatives, most of the time carried out at the initiative of subsidiaries depending on the context and needs (for example, in Morocco, donations of masks approved by local authorities).

Finally, some doctors at Groupe PSA sites participate in the telephone platform for receiving and regulating emergency medical services.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, Group employees are helping Smiths-Medical produce respirators on their premises.

In Spain, the Vigo centre and the CTAG are working with the company Bionix to develop and industrialize mechanical respirators. At the same time, employees in Zaragoza are manufacturing protective screens with 3D printers.

Mobilized at all levels, the Group also supports local initiatives, most of the time carried out on the initiative of subsidiaries or sites depending on the context and needs.

The Valenciennes plant lent two 3D printers to a vocational school for the manufacture of visors for hospitals and firefighters. The Vesoul site, for its part, provided the Handy’Up association with two ultrasound welding machines to produce masks.

The Sept-Fons site currently manufactures 30 visors per day, thanks to its two 3D printers for the local care workers “on the front line” …