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Connected Aftersales : already more than 100.000 customers!

Connected cars become a major booster for our aftersales business, pushing up customer loyalty and satisfaction!

Today, your connected Peugeot, Citroën or DS car helps you maintain it at the right time.

Your car identifies an upcoming service or the need for a repair. You are then called by your Brand, letting you know your car’s technical condition and offering to set up a dealership appointment at the time and place that best suits you, thanks to PSA Groupe’s online booking tool. You can then hit the road in full peace of mind!

Our connected cars become a great asset for PSA Groupe’s aftersales business : customers using this service show 15 points higher loyalty rates and excellent satisfaction ratings!

It is available as:

Peugeot Teleservices

Citroën Teleservices

DS Telemaintenance

Customers subscribe to this feature for free, either when purchasing their new car or through a call center.

It takes advantage of our cars’ built-in connectivity through the “Connect SOS & Assistance” emergency call equipment. More than 2 million cars are equipped with it. Recruitment campaigns through emails and call centers also make this service available to current car owners.

With 100.000 customers, it runs in France and, since 2016, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Its extension to the rest of Europe is underway…