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In 2020, Groupe PSA is charting an ambitious path for the Future

to ensure Freedom of Movement

by following the Push to Pass strategic plan

an automobile manufacturer at the leading edge of efficiency

a provider of Mobility for All


with the support of a solidly established world network 

and over 200,000 employees

6 brands of Groupe PSA committed to the conquest of electricity

with one objective: 100% of the passenger car and lcv range electrified in 2025

A respectful route that takes into account the expectations of responsible citizens

7 major trends will shape the future of mobility
7 major trends, the source of environmental and social innovation


CSR performance recognised around the world,

acclaimed by the main rating agencies
Groupe PSA benefits from strong commitments

Strong Values

Win Together – Efficiency – Agility

Groupe PSA will soon take on a new dimension

with the project to merge groupe PSA and FCA to create together a world leader in Sustainable Mobility