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To each personality, his own DS

To each personality, his own DS


The DS collection comprises DS 3, DS 3 Cabrio, DS 3 CROSSBACK,  DS 4, DS 4 CROSSBACK, DS 4S, DS 5, DS 5LS and DS 6. Designed for customers looking for a means of personal expression, DS models stand apart through their avant-garde design, refinement down to the last detail, advanced technologies and dynamic serenity. With the limited edition versions of its different models, the DS brand cultivates rarity by bringing motorists ultra-exclusive personalisation possibilities. Spotting two identical DS cars is a tall order!

For avant-garde spirits, the limited edition DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première

In 2017, the DS collection was rounded out by DS 7 CROSSBACK. World revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show, the new model made its first official outing on Sunday 14 May 2017, with the 25th French president, Emmanuel Macron, on board. For the limited edition DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première model, avant-garde customers can reserve their vehicle on line at or at a DS STORE or a DS SALON to be among the very first to take to the wheel.


DS 7 CROSSBACK, the new SUV by DS, possesses a refined yet muscular character together with charismatic styling. The new model’s technological innovations and avant-garde design bring motorists unprecedented levels of comfort, efficiency and serenity at the wheel. The car expresses a French ‘art de vivre’. Its exceptionally precise finish, down to the last details, embodies the excellence and savoir-faire of DS engineers and craftsmen.

Electric technologies from track to road at DS

Committed to the FIA Formula E Championship for all-electric race cars, DS Automobiles is asserting its ambition to rank among the world leaders in electric vehicles in its market. Starting in 2019, it will be releasing high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles. DS 7 Crossback equipped with E-Tense, the hybrid by DS, boasting 300 bhp, four drive wheels and a 50-kilometre range in zero-emission mode, will open the way.