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Sound spatialisation: sound design for extra safety and well-being on board

Groupe PSA is innovating in all aspects of sound design to improve safety and well-being on board, not just to optimise in-car acoustic quality but to make man-machine interactions more simple and fun. Groupe PSA already brings motorists personalisation solutions on certain models, including alerts for forgetting keys and leaving the indicator on. The Group is now exploring new and relatively uncharted territories in the field of sound.

Improving acoustics through sound spatialisation

Based on the digital processing of sound sources, the sound spatialisation technology developed by Groupe PSA can be used to set the parameters of each sound according to the cabin layout without adding extra speakers. Be it a door clunk or a sound alert, each sound is perfectly balanced, bringing all passengers optimal acoustic quality.

Boosting ergonomics and driver assistance through sound spatialisation

“The message becomes intuitive, providing a real ergonomic benefit and extra safety for the driver”

Vincent Roussarie, audio-digital research engineer

The originality of Groupe PSA’s approach to sound spatialisation also lies in the way it uses the technology to enhance driving assistance and travelling well-being. For example, automatic guidance suggestions are processed digitally so that their location or movement inside the vehicle can be simulated, thus making it easier for the driver to understand the messages.