The Smart Antenna brings WiFi into the car

Available from 2019 in production vehicles, the Smart Antenna developed by PSA is set to revolutionise travelling comfort through a very high speed connection to external networks and a special WiFi network inside the vehicle.

A concentrate of connectivity

The Smart Antenna is a versatile connection module designed by PSA to become the hub for all communications inside the vehicle. An intelligent antenna located under the vehicle roof provides simultaneous access to a range of connected services and the mobile devices of the passengers (mobile, DTT, DTR, AM/FM, GPS, Bluetooth) through the vehicle’s man-machine interface (MMI).


How does it work?

  • The data on the onboard system are broadcast via a HD link and on passengers’ mobile devices by WiFi.
  • The intelligent antenna automatically broadcasts the connected functions intended for the driver (GPS, emergency call) on the central system.
  • Featuring an internal memory, it enables passengers to store and share multimedia files such as music playlists.
  • The radio frequency interfaces are centralised and broadcast quality improved.

A scalable technology for preparing the communicating car of the future

Taking a forward-looking approach to future innovations following the widespread launch of the Smart Antenna in 2019, the Groupe PSA has designed a scalable and adaptable module, in particular for handling the rapid evolution of communication standards.

“The Smart Antenna can be compatible with country-specific DTT formats and it will be easy to switch to new Bluetooth and WiFi standards and to the future 5G mobile network.”

Laurent Dizambourg, telematics project manager at PSA