The Chrysalide concept: a complete experience of well-being

The Chrysalide concept synchronises a range of innovations related to PSA Group's multi-sensory approach to build a unique experience of in-car well-being. Drawing on the four senses, it functions like a cocoon enveloping motorists in an atmosphere of comfort.

Enhancing well-being for a safer drive

Because unpleasant – and potentially dangerous – situations can be legion on the road, the PSA Group has developed the Chrysalide concept to improve ergonomics and increase in-car well-being as well as road safety. Relaxed – or energised, when the system detects a drop in attention levels – the driver adopts safer driving behaviour.

“Just sitting behind the steering wheel is enjoyable once again since it delivers an experience in well-being that you won’t find anywhere else”
Béatrice Daillant-Vasselin – Head of the multi-sensory project

The vehicle as a theatre for a total sensory experience

The Chrysalide concept synchronises several items of vehicle equipment to bring motorists an experience of total well-being by acting on the four senses:

  • Smell, with a fragrance dispenser developed by French perfume professionals.
  • Hearing, through a three-dimensional acoustic treatment.
  • Sight,with an intelligent lighting system.
  • Touch, through massaging and versatile seats.

Two programmes – relaxing and energising – alter the global atmosphere of the vehicle by combining several sensory components to work on the stress or inattention of the driver.

Découvrir les programmes polysensoriels de PSA en vidéo :