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With Qeo, the PSA Group has taken the automobile into the internet of things

Qeo is a secure software platform designed by PSA to connect cars to domestic devices and facilitate their interaction as part of a simple and seamless environment.

What is Qeo?

Qeo is a software platform for connected objects that inter-connects terminals and apps – regardless of the brand – thus making ‘dialogue’ possible between objects. With the connected and communicating car standing as a key innovation focus at the Group, PSA is currently reviewing the integration of Qeo in the onboard systems of its vehicles.

Potentially limitless applications

The aim with this innovation is to bring the automobile into the era of the internet of things. The real-life applications of this technology are potentially limitless:

  • From cars to connected objects, Qeo will also enable drivers to control from their vehicle the air conditioning or heating in their apartment;
  • They will also be able to automatically send text messages announcing their arrival time if late for a meeting, through intelligent communication between their vehicle’s built-in navigation system and the agenda and contacts list on their smartphone;
  • From connected objects to cars, drivers will be able to use Qeo to configure their home security system to automatically lock their vehicle once they get home.