Plug-in petrol hybrid: range, performance and space, available from 2019

Launched in 2013, the EMP2 global modular platform will gain a plug-in petrol hybrid, available in 2- and 4-four wheel drive versions, from 2019. The aim is to develop a low-carbon solution for each body style, while maintaining the highest standards in performance and cabin space.

  • 2019

    Simultaneous launch in Europe and China in 2019 by the DS brand

  • 2021

    Seven Peugeot, Citroën and DS models available in 2021

An intelligent hybrid powertrain

New-generation 8-speed automatic gearbox:

  • Hybrid front axle using an electric motor for state-of the-art performance and driveability
  • Positioned crosswise between the internal combustion engine and electric motor

Electric rear axle for 4×4 version

  • Technology backed by our expertise in hybrid powertrains, delivering a highly satisfactory level of electric power for the 4×4 version (three times greater than the first-generation hybrid4 or diesel hybrid powertrain)
  • 4×4 performance comparable to that of conventional 4×4 vehicles owing to the power of the electric motors used.

Exceptional performance

Premium performance for boundless driving pleasure

Groupe PSA’s plug-in hybrid will deliver exceptional dynamic performance thanks to the additional energy provided by the electric motor (up to 80 kW). Cumulative power will then total up to 300 bhp for a smooth, responsive drive and optimal driving pleasure.

Long range, easy use

Electric range of up to 60 km* (NEDC)

  • Uses a battery with total energy of 12-13 kWh, between 20 and 30% higher than the batteries used by our best competitors
  • Optimised aerodynamics and energy efficiency:
    – Controlled air intakes
    – Energy recovered on vehicle deceleration (foot raised or braking)

Rechargeable in a few hours

Groupe PSA’s plug-in hybrid will be available with a standard system charging the vehicle in 4 ½ hours  or an easy optional solution to charge the vehicle in under 2 ½ hours using a 6.6 kw charger adapted to 32A sockets. The charging system will be designed to adapt to regulatory requirements and infrastructure in each region of the world.

No compromises on space

An ingenious and unique layout….

  • Electric gearbox positioned crosswise, a world first
  • A compact battery located under the cabin, delivering electric power to the rear axle without sacrificing space

…to maintain cabin space and exceptional boot capacity for passengers