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Olfactory design: a fragrant ambience for travel

The PSA Group has been working on sensorial experiences for many years. Olfactory design focuses on one of the senses to help create an overall, customised experience by allowing users to choose from a selection of olfactory ambiences for their car.

Customisable fragrances in the i-Cockpit Amplify of the new 3008

Several of the Group’s vehicles already feature a fragrance diffuser, but now PSA Group has gone a step further. The idea of creating polysensorial driving experiences was illustrated with the 2014 Chrysalide Concept; now it has become a reality with the new Peugeot 3008.

Find out more about the PSA Group’s polysensorial innovations.

This Peugeot SUV offers original sensations in its innovative i-Cockpit® with the introduction of a newly designed diffuser and a choice of three fragrances to create unique ambiences.

The fragrance can be customised to the occupants’ taste. One novel feature of the PSA Group diffusion system is playing on olfactory blanks to maintain a continuous perception of the fragrance. Another is that the system keeps the notes of the fragrance in balance.

Developed in collaboration with globally recognised perfumers, these fragrances are composed in relation to brand and model identity as well as to specific polysensorial programmes:

  • The “relaxation” programme is designed to reduce driver stress. It is based on experiences with aromatherapy – a revolutionary approach in the automotive industry;
  • The “energising” programme awakens all the senses so that drivers are more alert behind the wheel;
  • The “romance programme”, which will soon be available in China, plays on the spirit of romance associated with France and Paris;
  • In addition to these programmes, each Brand has “signature fragrance” perfectly matched to the Brand’s character and history that is always present, from the point of sale to your car.

“The aim is to offer customers a superb and unique olfactory experience”
Emmanuel Boudard, head of the interior air quality innovation centre