Multi-device connectivity: develop the technological ecosystem for the car of the future

Developed by the PSA Group in its research on communicating and autonomous cars, the technologies related to multi-device connectivity are based on replicating the smartphone screen on the vehicle screen to provide the user with a fluid and seamless experience.

From smartphone to vehicle: a safer, more practical experience

Drivers can use certain smartphone applications in complete safety thanks to a specially designed interface that displays them on the screen in the vehicle. With Mirrorscreen, the PSA Group makes this multimedia experience widely available to drivers with any of the following three connection standards:

  • MirrorLink (available since 2014, depending on the model)
  • CarPlay (available since 2015, depending on the model)
  • AndroidAuto (available since end-2016, depending on the model)

Order a vehicle from a smartphone: the goal of Car Easy Apps

Car Easy Apps is an automotive applications programming platform open to independent developers. Set up to encourage innovation and inventiveness among many developers, it is serving as a basis for the creation of a productive and complete ecosystem for vehicle-smartphone communication.