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Innovative lighting for optimal visibility and brightness

For PSA Group, interior lighting is a breeding ground for innovations, not just to adapt lighting to exterior conditions and so improve road safety, but also to create the best possible atmosphere of in-car well-being.

Original innovations for a unique atmosphere

As part of its multi-sensory innovation approach, the Group works on the interior lighting of its vehicles to design a comfortable light ambiance for driver and passengers alike, regardless of exterior visibility conditions (day/night, weather conditions, etc.). The technologies implemented by the Group take account of the various light sources in the cabin and the almost boundless possibilities offered by materials, plays on transparency, light sources and their location.

  • Cielo Magic Light Applied to the glass roof, this customisable printed sticker creates a uniform source of cabin light for absolute comfort. The special light effect is also visible from the outside, lending the vehicle a unique personality.

“Cielo Magic Light is a new night signature for the vehicle as well as an original personalisation feature”
Frédéric Guidez, Head of Glazing Innovation

Cielo Magic Light
  • Backlit dashboard strip: a laser-engraved and customisable pattern is applied to the dashboard and backlit by a sheet of fibre optic cables diffusing a coloured light.
Backlit dashboard strip
  • Enhancing a motif using LEDs: the intrinsic qualities of LED lighting can be used to underline subtle styling motifs such as weaved patterns or fine laser projections.
Enhancing a motif using LEDs
  • Illuminated roof blind: using fibre optic cables woven into the fabric, the roof blind plays a useful role both day (by dimming the sun’s rays) and night (by adding an extra source of ambient lighting with a brightness control).
Illuminated roof blind