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HYbrid4: the best of diesel and electric for unrivalled performance

The launch by PSA Group of HYbrid4 technology in 2011 on four Peugeot and DS models revolutionised the way we think about hybrids with its impressive combination of driving pleasure and significantly reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the result of an innovative pairing of diesel and electric engines.

  • 200

    overall power (163 for the 2.0 I HDi DPFS engine and 37 for the electric motor)

  • 35 %

    reduction in fuel consumption compared with an equivalent diesel engine

  • 85 g/km

    of CO2 emissions on average

HYbrid 4, an original and virtuous combination of diesel and electric

PSA Group’s HYbrid4 technology is based on an innovative technical architecture combining:

  • an HDi diesel engine, located at the front of the vehicle
  • and an electric motor at the rear, powered by a battery under the boot.

For optimal flexibility and range, the electric battery charges:

  • when decelerating, via the electric motor;
  • but also, when needed, via the HDi engine, in all the operating phases of the vehicle.

Thanks to these innovations, the HYbrid4 boasts a host of advantages:

  • more user-friendliness and comfort in use
  • less fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions
  • as much power and brio as ever

4 modes for adapting to all driving situations

The innovative edge of HYbrid4 also lies in its adaptability, designed to respond to all uses:

  • Auto mode automatically configures the best compromise between controlled fuel consumption and on-road performance.
  • 4WD mode activates the engine and the motor to provide 4WD and improve grip on rough surfaces.
  • ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode activates the electric motor only, for zero CO2 emissions and complete silence.
  • Sport mode draws on the combined power of the engine and motor for a more dynamic drive.

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