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Highway Chauffeur: autonomous driving on motorways

Following on from the Automated Driving and Traffic Jam Chauffeur systems, Highway Chauffeur technology delegates driving without supervision on long motorway journeys, for an experience close to that of tomorrow's autonomous vehicle.

After Automated Driving (level-two driver assistance) and Traffic Jam Chauffeur (level-three), Highway Chauffeur is the the most advanced vehicle automation technology. Operating on motorways only, Highway Chauffeur adapts to all types of traffic conditions. Through the system’s innovative technology, virtually reconstructing the car’s physical environment in real time, the vehicle can carry out manoeuvres in a fully autonomous and safe manner:

  • The automated guidance system maintains the car in its lane by monitoring lane markings;
  • Route-finding is ensured by a high-precision in-car GPS;
  • Depending on traffic conditions and the route, the car may “decide” to change lanes to overtake, pull in to a slower lane or exit the motorway;
  • Vehicle speed adapts automatically to the other vehicles and speed limits.


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