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Additive particulate filter: a pioneering innovation that remains best-in-class

Launched in 2000 and fit on all Group vehicles since 2009, the additive particulate filter developed by PSA continues to stand as the most efficient solution on the market for treating the particulates emitted by diesel engines.

  • 99,9 %

    of particulates eliminated by number (99% by weight)

  • 6,8

    Million Group vehicles equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) in 2012

  • 130

    patents filed by PSA

Unique performance in particulate emissions

Designed to eliminate all types of pollutant particulates emitted by diesel engines, including the finest, the PSA Group’s additive particulate filter eliminates 99.9% of particulates by number and 99% by weight. With this unique performance, the level of particulates exiting the filter is equivalent to that in a clean room (under 3,500 cm3).

Efficient technology in all circumstances and on all vehicles

The additive particulate filter has been fitted on all PSA Group vehicles since 2009 – two years before it was made obligatory by the Euro 5 standard. It is effective in all the operating conditions of a vehicle:

  • Start-up
  • Warm or cold
  • In cities and on motorways
  • Even when the filter is full