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City Park: GROUPE PSA’s intelligent and scalable park assist system

City Park is a scalable driver assistance system designed by the PSA Group to stand in for the driver during parking manoeuvres and, in the future, to replace the driver entirelyby achieving automatic parking.

Remote parallel parking

City Park revolutionises the everyday lives of urban drivers around the world by giving them the possibility of controlling all their parking manoeuvres via smartphone:

  • Parallel or angled parking;
  • Vehicle locking and start-up;
  • Getting out of tight spaces.


A combination of multiple innovations

The City Park system results from the combination of several technologies developed by the PSA Group:

  • Park assist sensors detect obstacles and calculate the trajectory;
  • The City Park Remote function coordinates lateral control via the steering and longitudinal control with the brake, the accelerator and shifts between forward and reverse gear.
  • The remote control interface can be operated from a smartphone via a secure connection with the car.

And in the future, Valet Parking

Today, consistent with the regulations of the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), drivers must remain in proximity to their cars during the manoeuvre. Nevertheless, the PSA Group is already looking to the future and developing a more advanced technology (level five) that will enable drivers to let their vehicles park themselves in an entirely autonomous manner.