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Professions in the Group

Discover a broad range of professions, from designing vehicles to selling them.

Groupe PSA has outstanding capabilities across the full range of automotive professions, from the design and development of vehicles to their manufacture and sale. Altogether, some 110 professions are practiced in the Group. What they involve and how they are performed change continually as a result of technological innovations, new processes and services, and the Group’s growing international scope

A full range of professions

Automotive professions can be divided according to the four main categories: design, production, sales, and services.

  • Design

    Design comprises the professions involved in defining the concept and styling of a vehicle. Starting from a projection of customer expectations and available innovations, the preliminary project engineers, designers, and model makers define the project, choose the engines and architecture, and determine the car’s styling. Next comes the development phase, in which specialists model processes and manufacturing tools and then perform simulations and technical tests to assess the reliability, feasibility and costs of the project.

  • Production

    Vehicle production is overseen by managers responsible for industrial performance, logistics, and purchasing as well as health, safety and the environment. In the production units, shop foremen, automated assembly line operators, production operators, quality engineers and maintenance managers work to see that that entire process functions smoothly.

  • Sales and services

    Sales and services are the responsibility of Key Account managers, subsidiary heads, and sales engineers.

Dynamic skills management

Professions are continually adapted to stay in step with rapidly evolving customer expectations and needs, automobile uses, technologies, and markets. Groupe PSA continually monitors these changes to ensure that its employees have the necessary capabilities and skills.

Talent and skills management is based on a “Sectors and Professions” approach, which is one of the key focuses of the Group’s human resources development policy. The primary mission of the Capabilities and Skills Observatory, a joint body set up by Groupe PSA in France, is to develop a forward-looking vision of the Group’s professions and to establish methods of assessing sensitive professions and ones where qualified employees may be lacking in the future. With this approach, programmes to improve skills and acquire new qualifications through training and mobility can be developed. By anticipating strategic trends in its activities, Groupe PSA can identify the skills that will be needed to make the necessary transitions and to minimise difficulties and disruptions. All employees are thus aware of the skills required in their job and how they can acquire new capabilities and qualifications that will enable them to advance in their career.